Planta Patache

Project: Planta Patache

Client: AEF/SCL

Owner: AEF

Place: Rockdale, Texas- Escuintla Guatemala.

Features: coal fired generation plant with an approximate capacity of 100 megawatts to be located Chile’s Region I

Construction Period:  December 2008- January 2,011

Works to be performed:

•  Preparation of the Due Diligence to prove the feasibility and cost for the acquisition,    disassembly, transportation, and assembly of two generation plants

•  Supervision of the disassembly and packaging of the plant at Rockdale, Texas.

•  Engineering and design for the assembly of the plant in Chile.

•  Logistics and transportation of the plant to Chile.

•  Conversion of the plant equipment from 60Hz to 50Hz.

•  Overhaul and retrofitting of several equipment.

•  Purchase of new equipment.

•  Plant’s construction and assembly.

•  Plant’s commissioning, start-up, and capacity tests.


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